How to Find Mass Money That Could Be Yours

What would you say if someone told you that there may be some money out there waiting for you? The truth is that this is very possible. It is referred to as “mass money” or “unclaimed property”. It can be anything such as checks, savings, contents of a safety deposit box, refunds of utility bills, insurance policies, stocks, bonds, just to mention a few.

How is it possible to have such money without knowing about it? The answer is simple. People always move to a new home but during the hectic process of doing so, one forgets to give the new address making it difficult or even impossible to be notified . Whenever you can not be reached in order to collect the money sent to you, that money remains unclaimed until the rightful owner files a claim. So, in order to find some if any “mass money” just follow a few simple steps with the use of the internet.


In the search bar write “mass money” or “unclaimed property” and the state you live in at present. A search box will appear on the screen. Fill in your name, spell it as it appears on official documents, ID cards, passports, driving license etc. and your address.


Follow the directions on the screen to submit your claim. Fill in all the required information.


Attach all the necessary documents in order to prove you are the rightful owner of what is being claimed and send. This can be done online or you can have all the papers printed and send the forms by mail to the specified address.

It is advisable to repeat STEP 1 and STEP 2 for every state you have ever lived in or stayed temporarily. You can even go back and extend your search for a deceased member of your family. The progress of your claim can be followed up, as it may take about a couple of months for completion. The documents which are usually required are: proof of address, a copy of birth or marriage certificate, utility bills, tax records or other legal papers, depending on the case.

There is usually no cost but if there is one you do not need to pay until you are notified that you are the rightful owner of the claim. Furthermore, it is important to remember to collect the money within the stated time. Otherwise, it may end up unclaimed again and you will have to repeat the whole procedure.

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